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Serving the Children of the World





The Flint Kiwanis Club was organized on April 7, 1917 with 36 Charter Members.

We were the 6th Kiwanis Club in Michigan and 42nd in Kiwanis International.

It is typical for a Kiwanis Club to be sponsored by another Kiwanis Club.  In the case of the Flint Club there was no sponsor. Formation was by local initiative.

Highlights of the Flint Kiwanis Club history can be found on this website.



Our club operates under a set of bylaws updated on a regular basis and voted upon by the club membership. (The bylaws are now in the process of being updated)

Club Officers, Directors and Members of the Flint Kiwanis Club are listed on this website. Where available, e-mail addresses and phone numbers have also been included for your ready reference.

Club Officers and Directors are elected each year at the annual meeting held in April or early May. The Committee on Nominations presents a slate of candidates for the upcoming year. Nominations from the floor are requested at that time and also prior to the formal election a week later. The Club President appoints the Club Secretary.

The term of office for club officers is normally for one year, beginning October 1st and ending September 30th of the following year. These officers make up the Executive Board.

Directors are elected for a term of three years except, when it is necessary to fill a vacancy. The Board of Directors may fill a director vacancy during the year.

There are eight (8) standing committees sanctioned by Kiwanis International.  A club may have more than the eight committees on the International list, or they may have one or more sub-committees under a sanctioned committee.

The Club President appoints all committee chairs, with the members of each committee selected by the respective chair. You will find a list of the Committee and Sub-committees Chairs, along with all projects and activities on our website.



Weekly club meetings are held on Thursday at the Hunger Solution Center located in the Food Bank of Eastern MI 1939 Howard St, Flint, MI  48503.,+Flint,+MI+48503/@43.0075738,-83.6712643,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x882381fb05cc40ab:0x30b4c43a35c2c8b1!8m2!3d43.0075738!4d-83.6690756

Fellowship is available before and after the meeting.  A buffet meal is normally in place by 11:45 A.M. and members are encouraged to begin eating as soon as they arrive.

Wear your Kiwanis pin and name badge. Fines are not imposed, however, the name badge helps in getting acquainted with the other club members.

The meeting agenda calls for the meeting to begin at 12:00 Noon, with lunch and club business activities until 12:30 P.M. However, the President frequently waits until everyone is seated before calling the meeting to order.

The program begins at 12:30 P.M. with the speaker making their presentation about 20 minutes in length. This allows 10 minutes for questions by those in attendance.

If you must arrive late, contact the person at the check-in desk.  Avoid disrupting the meeting as much as possible, but please do not make being late a reason for not attending.


If you need to leave early, let the Club President know in advance, so that they can inform the speaker that some members will need to leave before the meeting is adjourned.



You are authorized and encouraged to wear your Kiwanis Pin and other insignia indicating that you are a member of the Kiwanis family when going about your social or business activities.

As a member you become involved in community activities thereby giving you a sense of pride in helping to improve the live of others within your community.

Training becomes available to you at each level within the Kiwanis organization through attendance at conferences and seminars conducted on a regular basis.

By belonging to Kiwanis you are presented with many leadership and growth opportunities, starting within the club, thus allowing you in the future to seek leadership positions at Division, District, and International levels.

As a club member you vote for the officers, directors, and issues brought before the membership, thereby giving direction to the club.

By being a Kiwanian, you can sponsor friends and associates as new members to your club. You may also recommend to other Kiwanis Clubs, persons from their communities that have an interest in becoming a Kiwanian.



As a member you are encouraged to become involved in social and recreational activities sponsored by the club.  There are also similar activities sponsored by Division 17, the Michigan District, and Kiwanis International.

Although it is not a primary reason for belonging to Kiwanis, we all recognize that networking becomes a significant source of business activity for many club members.

The club bulletin has been discontinued, being replaced by the club website. Check the website frequently with regard to current and future club activities, speakers, and other information of importance to the membership.

The club website can be accessed directly at, or through the International website and also available thru the Michigan District website with these websites available to all club members.



Kiwanis is about community service, particularly with regard to the children within our community. Young children have been the focus of activities for all levels of Kiwanis for many years.  This is not to say that many of our activities do not transition the entire spectrum of age groups.

An individual or a committee may bring a specific project request to the Board of Directors for approval. The Board may determine a need within the community and assign responsibility for the project or activity to a specific committee. The assigned committee develops and supervises the activity and reports their progress on a regular basis to the Board of Directors and the Club Membership.

Each club member is encouraged to become involved in at least one project or activity, more if so inclined. Some activities require virtually all club members to participate. Members that do not become involved in some activity frequently leave the club within a short time.



Kiwanis membership dues are billed annually in September and include the Club ($25.00), District ($38.00), and International ($62.00) for a total of $125.00. When a new member joins Kiwanis during the year the fee is reduced to $60.00 for the balance of the fiscal year with a distribution of Club ($10.00, District ($20.00), International ($30.00). This covers the dues until the next billing cycle.

Meals are normally paid for at each meeting, paying only when you attend, although other payment arrangements are allowed.  Some prefer to pay on a monthly basis. Lunches are currently $10.00. This includes visitors, unless they are attending as potential new club members, and then the club will pick up the cost of the meal.

The club normally has a 50/50 drawing at each meeting with tickets purchased at the check-in desk. Also the club has “Happy Bucks” which gives each member a chance to announce some event or personal reason for which they are happy.  Fines for not wearing you name badge and pin, or receiving publicity in the press or on television, have been discontinued.

A club must have both an “Administrative” and a “Service” account with restrictions in place on how these monies can be raised and used.  Funds received from club dues, fines, happy-bucks, etc are considered administrative and are used for general club expenses and may, if needed, be transferred to the Service Account.  The service account funds are dedicated to serving the community.  These funds are normally raised through fund raising activities by the club, through investments, grants, or transferred as noted above.

The Kiwanis Club of Flint has two foundations, one dedicated to funding grants to various community service organizations within the community “Health Camp Foundation”, and the other is used for scholarships to worthy college students so that they may continue their education within the State of Michigan “Kiwanis Educational Foundation”.

The Flint Kiwanis Club currently has two active fund-raising projects, these being the sale of Gourmet Nuts during the holiday season and sponsorship of poker tournaments at “Legends” four (4) times during the year.



The Kiwanis has no meeting attendance requirements, however, Flint Kiwanis Club members are encouraged attend at least half the scheduled Thursday club meetings.

There are a number of meeting makeup options if unable to attend the weekly Thursday club meetings.  These include attendance at committee meetings, Board of Directors meetings, involvement in club projects and activities, Inter-Club meetings (See Division), or visiting other Kiwanis club on an individual basis.

As a club member you are expected to become involved in fund-raising projects undertaken by the club. These projects will probably not require more than a few hours annually. It is critical that everyone participates, or the burden becomes very heavy on those members actively involved.

Your involvement in community service projects will require more time than that related to fund-raising projects.  You will not be expected to participate in all projects, only that one or two of particular interest to you.  Even then, your time commitment is largely up to you.

You will be expected to participate in the meetings and activities of the committee to which assigned.  If you have particular interests with respect to committee assignments, talk to the Club President, or the committee chair responsible for that activity.  There will also be opportunities to serve as a committee chair, and/or be appointed or elected to positions within the club, do not reject these assignments.